These are the words that have constantly changed the world through out the history of human beings. These are the words that can make any listener get lost in the past , take a shuttle to the future both leading to a better understanding of present , the only time we can act in. These are the words that have altered common people to the greatest leaders of our time . But how can we spread these ideas more?
This is what ،TED does .
TEDx an independently running event, helps to share ideas in communities around the world.
And this year , University of Tehran , has started the TEDx event in the name of TEDxUniversityofTehran . We believe that every single idea can make a huge change in making the world a better place, And we ask people to share their ideas , communicate with us and help us in this experience. TEDxUniversityofTehran is a chance for a better tomorrow .

2021 Event

Theme; tangible moments

2015 Event


A new century has begun and a new horizon has set, todays world is full of change, innovation, breakthroughs and hope. Our world is different from what it used to be just a few decades ago. our knowledge is vaster than ever and our capabilities far exceed the likes in our predecessors. Our world is expanded beyond our beliefs with pedantic details and our technology makes the impossible seem so apparent. and as we try to understand and process all these changes, we find ourselves settled to a new ground. to a new reality, to a new beginning, to a BRAVE NEW WORLD.

TEDxUniversityofTehran 2015 Talks

TEDxUniversityofTehran Talks

What is TED? What is TEDx?